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About Us

In Vira Clinic, a group of professional psychologists and psychiatrists have gathered and created an environment that offers a broad range of psychological services to individuals, industries, and organizations in order to elevate mental health in society.

Psychology helps people and organization give up symptoms, behaviors and cycles which can interfere with their leading meaning full and productive lives. Our vision is to bring psychology everywhere that   people can benefit from it not just in consulting rooms, but schools, universities, clients, private businesses, organization and forms for public policy.

Committed to delivering outstanding client care with compassion and concern for each client, The Vira psychological clinic’s professionals are providers of primary and specialty care  to our clients including patients, students, firms, organizations and any kind of public services.

With “Vira” we’ll always be with you on the way to improving mental health and quality of life, “anytime, anywhere”.

Dr. Shima Shakiba
Clinical Psychologist
Assistant Professor
University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences